Rug effect embroidery. Processing obtained by using a special head; for the peculiarity of embroidery, it needs the application of an adhesive on the back of the fabric at the end in order to block the shaved thread. It gives to the garment an extremely soft and smooth effect to the touch. Versatile processing and therefore suitable for all types of materials.

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  • Profilo di Donna

    Tufting processing of one-color Profilo di Donna.

    Lavorazione tufting monocolore di Profilo di Donna.

  • Serpente in Tufting

    Two-tone tufting embroidery.

    Ricamo in tufting bicolore.


  • Geco

    Tufting processing of three-colored Gecko.

    Lavorazione tufting tricolore di Geco.

  • Good Times

    Good Times in one-color Tufting.

    Lavorazione Tufting di Good Times monocolore.