Soft 3D

Three-dimensional cordonet embroidery, the thread remains suspended from the base fabric creating a particularly foamy and light effect. Processing particularly suitable for materials that fear acetone washing and dry cleaning like all-natural fibers.

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  • Nodini

    “Turtle” processing + fill stitch embroidery of Nodini.

    Lavorazione tartaruga + ricamo pieno di Nodini.



  • Cosmo

    Cosmo Frost multi-technique manufacturing.

    Lavorazione Multitecnica Frost di Cosmo.


  • Restart Comics Style

    One-color Restart Comics Style “turtle” pattern.

    Lavorazione tartaruga di Restart Comics Style monocolore.


  • Inspired by de Dominicis’ Art

    Two-tone “turtle” embroidery inspired by de Dominicis art.

    Lavorazione tartaruga di Inspired by de Dominicis’ art bicolore.


  • Giglio in Bloom

    Soft multicolor 3D processing + single color leather application.

    Lavorazione 3D morbido multicolor + applicazione pelle monocolore.