Stitchings on fabrics are made by layering one or more parts of wadding and/or foam. Processing particularly suitable for soft and covering materials such as nylon, alcantara, leather, lycra, polyester and sponge.

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  • Trapuntatura Punto a Mano

    Two-tone quilting of padded canvas.

    Lavorazione di Trapuntatura bicolore di canvas imbottito.

  • Pencil Free Drawing

    Fill stitch embroidery processing with application of two-tone pencil free drawing on Nylon.

    Lavorazione ricamo pieno con applicazione di pencil free drawing bicolore su Nylon.



  • Labirinti

    Processing fill stitch lurex embroidery of two-tone Labyrinths.

    Lavorazione ricamo pieno lurex di Labirinti bicolore.


  • Robot Imbottito

    Monochrome padded Robot quilting.

    Trapuntatura di Robot imbottito monocolore.