Micro effect embroidery; by using thin count yarns it is possible to create tiny and/or detailed subjects. It stands out for its simplicity, accuracy and lightness. Versatile processing and therefore suitable for all types of materials except sponge.

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  • Cuore Geometrico

    Embroidery in micro yarn of Cuore Geometrico.

    Lavorazione ricamo in microfilato di Cuore Geometrico.

  • Heart Beating

    Lavorazione ricamo in microfilato di Heartbeating monocolore.

    Single color Heartbeating microfilament embroidery.

  • Il Vaso

    Embroidery processing of one-color Il Vaso.

    Lavorazione ricamo pieno di Il vaso monocolore.


  • Robottini

    Embroidery in one-color polyester micro-yarn.

    Ricamo in microfilato monocolore poliestere.