Applications of yarn of different count and composition, tapes and cords. Through the use of a special head for this technique the embroidery will be enriched. They can be made both on support and on self-supporting embroidery. Versatile processing and therefore suitable for all types of materials.

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  • Primavera

    Processing of coiling with application of fabric and supertwist yarn.

    Lavorazione di coiling con applicazione di tessuto e supertwist.

  • Elegance Bond

    Single-color coiling processing of Elegance bond.

    Lavorazione coiling di Elegance bond monocolore.



  • Bag’n’Chain

    3D coiling processing of the tricolor Bag’n’Chain.

    Lavorazione coiling 3D di Bag’n’Chain tricolore.


  • Spirali Geometriche

    Coiling of geometric spirals 2mm rope single color.

    Lavorazione coiling di Spirali geometriche in corda 2mm monocolore.


  • Concentrico

    Single-color concentric lurex coiling.

    Lavorazione coiling lurex di Concentrico monocolore.


  • Gioiello Orientale

    Processing Lurex embroidery + Coiling application of two-tone oriental jewel.

    Lavorazione Ricamo lurex + Applicazione coiling di gioiello orientale bicolore.