Three-dimensional cordonet embroidery given by a rubber core covered by the yarn, gives the processing a voluminous and solid effect. This processing is particularly suitable for materials with a solid and compact texture such as canvas, linen, alcantara, lycra, satin and poplin.

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  • Confini

    Fill stitch embroidery with application in gold-colored lacquered fabric with polyester yarn.

    Ricamo pieno con applicazione in tessuto laccato color oro con filato poliestere monocolore.


  • Sulle Nuvole

    3D embroidery and fringes of Sulle Nuvole.

    Lavorazione ricamo in 3D e frange multicolor.

  • Foolish

    3D embroidery of Foolish on sweatshirt.

    Lavorazione ricamo pieno 3D di Foolish monocolore su felpa.



  • Seriously?

    3D embroidery of Seriously two-tone.

    Lavorazione ricamo pieno 3D di Seriously bicolore.


  • Gecko

    Lurex embroidery in 3D of tricolor Gecko.

    Lavorazione ricamo pieno lurex in 3D di Geco tricolore.


  • Electric Symbols

    Fill stitch 3D embroidery processing of Electric Symbols that contains augmented reality animation.

    Lavorazione ricamo pieno 3D di Electric Symbols monocolore contenente animazione dei soggetti in realtà aumentata.