Welcome to the Perspective Bucket

A real review of ideas, already tested on different materials, immediately usable, accompanied by a price list for quantities and technical data sheets.
The Perspective Bucket is our portal dedicated to embroidery professionals who wish to stay up to date on our project proposal, conceived using original designs and generated internally, whose single original strip can be purchased directly online and in exclusivity.
  • Primavera

    Processing of coiling with application of fabric and supertwist yarn.

    Lavorazione di coiling con applicazione di tessuto e supertwist.

  • Autoritratto

    Thread embroidery of two-tone Autoritratto.

    Ricamo a filo di Autoritratto bicolore.

  • Onde Ricamate

    Embroidery processing of Onde Ricamate.

    Lavorazione ricamo pieno di Onde ricamate.


  • Trapuntatura Punto a Mano

    Two-tone quilting of padded canvas.

    Lavorazione di Trapuntatura bicolore di canvas imbottito.

  • Coolness

    Embroidery workmanship of Coolness.

    Lavorazione ricamo pieno di Coolness.


  • Teschio in Strass

    Processing in rhinestones of different sizes.

    Lavorazione in strass di diverse misure.